Schlüter, Thomas (2008) Geological Atlas of Africa
307 p., 438 illus., 413 in color, with CD-ROM. Hardcover
Springer Berlin Heidelberg New York
2nd edition, revised and enlarged. April 28, 2008
ISBN: 978-3-540-76324-6; (1st edition: XII 2005)
Review (1st edition):

"Africa is a huge continent with many large countries. Any attempt to compile a geological overview of approximately 20 % of the Earth’s land surface is therefore extraordinarily ambitious and should be applauded. The Geological Atlas of Africa emerges from such ambition as the result of an eight-year project by Professor Schlüter and associates.
     The aim was simple: to assimilate basic geological facts for each African country, in order to give the regional geologist a digestible starting point for future research. The book, which is printed in full colour on high quality, glossy paper, is in A4 format and organized into four chapters. (…)
     The book is very attractive to a wider audience and shouldn’t miss the coffee table community. The Geological Atlas of Africa is a worthwhile addition to the regional literature on African geology."

Daniel Paul le Heron
Geological Magazine, Vol. 144 (2), 2007