Buchgestaltung, Buchsatz, Grafik, wissenschaftliche Illustration (Vektorgrafiken), Bildbearbeitung, Layout, Verzeichnisse, DTP (PDF camera-ready)

Rudolph AJ Trouw (University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
Cees W Passchier (Universität Mainz, Germany)
Dirk J Wiersma (TU Utrecht, The Netherlands)

Atlas of Mylonites - and Related Microstructures.

Springer/ Heidelberg, 336 p. 450 illus. in color., Hardcover Januar 2010

About this Atlas
Mylonites form in response to high rates of strain within deep ductile shear zones, which are the extensions at depth of surface faults, thrusts and fault breccias, They can have many different mineralogical compositions and are therefore defined on their textural appearance. This atlas provides high definition images of a large number of different mylonites allowing students and geologists to correctly classify them with greater ease. Written for Students, graduate students, academic and professional structural geologists as well as libraries.